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About Us

Uncle Dry is a Green laundry & Dry Cleaning store to cater to both consumer & b2b companies like - Hotels, Spa, Transportation companies, Hospitals, etc.

Uncle Dry provides the services: Green Dry Cleaning, Laundry Cleaning, and Curtain Cleaning effectively

It provides the service in 4 step process
Order: Download and use the app to raise a pickup request for Uncle Dry's pick up service

Free Pickup: One of our vehicles will reach the exact location in no time and pick up your laundry

Special Care: We will take special care of each and every cloth as we know how important it is for you. Your clothes will be pampered like a small child.

Delivery: We will fresh and brand new-looking clothes to you in the time we promise and make sure we see that smile on your face.

We are spreading fast across India with top-class services in terms of timely delivery

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